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Customer: no JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?Customer: if it involved adults from different states talking does that make a difference?If I can ever provide assistance to you in the future please feel free to ask for me by starting your new question with "FOR DWAYNE B ONLY" and I will pick up as soon as I see the question., what people consider to be acceptable may have its limits.Some of the virtual world's biggest fans are shaking their heads over what users call "age play." This age-based role-playing can take on various forms: It can be as innocuous as people acting out a family dynamic, or as potentially troubling as two adults engaging in sexual role playing, with one of the avatars made to look like a child.While "Second Life" maker Linden Lab acknowledges that age play occurs in its virtual world, the extent to which it happens in its most discomfiting form is unclear.

There would be no law that makes that illegal so long as both are adults and each of them no the other is an adult.

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The game's forums frequently buzz with debates over the appropriateness of "age play," but no one interviewed by CNET said they have actually "seen" what could bluntly be described as graphically playacting the behavior of a pedophile.

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Even so, legal experts said such virtual behavior between adults isn't likely to break the law, since there are no real children involved.' Usually it is a young 'teenage' girl avatar and her 'daddy.'" Another player, known in the virtual world as "Usagi Musashi," said that when pretending to work in a virtual sex club in "Second Life," she often saw child avatars trying to pick up adult avatars.

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