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after a few risky moments of almost killing a group of humans she has one thought on her mind, What happened to her children, Renesme and E. With a new story to tell we see a whole new version of Breaking Dawn unfold. Bella has a four year old son Seth and when Seth's father starts to become a problem for Bella she jumps at the opportunity to move to New York City. A Bella Swan, profesora de preescolar, le dan la peor noticia del mundo. Pero recuerda a su antiguo amor de preparatoria Edward Cullen, quien por un malentendido se alejó hace varios años.

College student Bella Swan gets in over her head when friends insist on chasing old Civil War ghost stories, specifically The Legend of Green Eyes. Canon pairings, in character, & not necessarily AH, but somewhat. Now Bella has a shot at a new life but when her past catches up with her will it succeed at taking away her future? Tiene quistes ováricos y deben extirparle el útero. Decidida a ser madre Bella inicia su loca carrera por embarazarse de él.

Ese es el caso de Edward, quien siempre llevó una vida correcta, pero una chica castaña esta a punto de cambiar sus expectativas. Haciéndolo vivir una lucha constante entre lo que tiene y lo que quiere.

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Mobward Assward Jerkward mafia mob kidnapped Spunkella EPOV BPOV—Querido Santa Claus, este año, he sido muy bueno… Así que, si es verdad podría nevar en Navidad, como señal. Little does she know her mate is waiting there for her there. They report it to the authorities and the next thing you know they barely miss being killed themselves. So, the FBI assigned their elite team, Bella, Alice and Rosalie to guard them til trialÉl, la odia por haber hecho de sus años en preparatoria un infierno.When Bella's father Police Chief Charlie Swan arrives, Edward knows all is not well in the Swan house.Edward talks Carlisle into luring Bella away from the abuse she is suffering.Bella is starving for a better life for her and her son, and taking her clothes off in front of a stranger is just the first of many lines she'll cross. And why does the owner believe Edward would make a good addition to his staff and perfect match for his latest starlet? Bella quiere recuperar a su marido, el cual ha puesto una distancia entre ellos y teme que se deba a otra mujer, su muy eficiente asistente personal, así que decide actuar rápidamente para recuperar a Edward.

Ella, una mujer que conoce una sola forma de trabajo. Pulled-to-Publish: It's Edward Cullen's 25th birthday, and his brother Emmett wants to celebrate by taking Edward to the local strip club. (ADAP)Secuela de "Harry Potter, el descendiente de Godric Gryffindor" Harry sigue luchando contra Voldemort para derrotarlo.

Una Bella americana está pasando un año en Londres.

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