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He’s fully crazy, and concludes his speech muttering, “There is nothing more dangerous in the world than a humiliated man.” That’s the bulk of the stage-setting for , which stars Peters as a creepy, underestimated, self-proclaimed genius who feeds on information about the phobias of others. [Light spoilers for to incorporate true events in real time.He’s not so much infatuated with Trump as with the “they were afraid” excuse so often used to forgive the decision of Trump voters. Previous seasons have leaned on shared cultural knowledge like gory urban legends or well-known historical events, and a few have taken place in the present day, but none have ever done both.The show didn’t start filming until May, and by then it seems he’d decided not to pick a poison. There are explicit references to liberal comforts like HBO’s and conservative delusion drawn from Facebook, but there are also killer clowns.The clowns (seemingly led by Kai) start picking off neighbors pretty early, leaving behind bloody smiley faces and fear that leads to chaos.As is Lena Dunham, a lightning rod for critiques of white feminism and the butt of a joke in the pilot: Lourd’s character aces a babysitting interview saying, “The proudest moment of my life was when Lena Dunham retweeted me.I got almost 6,000 followers just from that.” for months before its debut, flip-flopping for most of February and March on how literal an interpretation of the 2016 election it would be.

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I was really hoping I could write this post and smugly say, “remember how those murderous nurses wanted someone with an R-name for their collection? But that doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ll see of him. And everyone’s favorite Peters character, Tate Langdon, was a ghost for all 10 episodes. “It’s like [episodes] 1-5, 6-9, and 10 is its own thing.” Episode 6 was the set-up for the premise of the “reality” show, and now we have episodes 7-9, one for each day in hell.

(You could call that the point, though has such an uneven history with regards to intent and watchability that it truly doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.) But so far this season, the spaghetti sticks to the wall often enough to keep watching.