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08-Jun-2017 22:41

" "I just don't know anymore,” was his exhausted answer.What can we, as fellow British citizens, tell Ahmed’s son?They are extremists, terrorists, murderers - anything but 'Muslim'.As if that needed emphasising, it's recently emerged that the leaders of Islamic faith groups told Muslim women they "should avoid going out in public places and stay vigilant" after what happened in Paris.Lastly, I understand that there are exceptions to every rule.I will ignore any comments that say things like “Not all Russian women are like that” or “One time I met a Russian girl who was not like that.” Yeah, I know, exception to the rule, but as always, the exception proves the rule.As I finally stepped out of the car, I turned to him with one last question."When you get home in the morning, what will you tell your son?

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100% of my experience is with Russian women living in the West.Generally speaking, what I’m about to say covers the vast majority of Russian women.