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ping QUESTION NO: 20Which of the following is the MOST appropriate policy for updating physical network diagrams?

Which of the following terms BEST describes this firewall behavior?

Other hosts on the same network can connect to the internet.

netstat QUESTION NO: 43A workstation on the network can ping hosts on the network but it cannot ping any addresses onthe internet.

QUESTION NO: 1After adding a new cable segment to the network, the technician should: A.

Document the changes in the business continuity plan.

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Loopback QUESTION NO: 33A user calls network support and reports that email is not working. Which of thefollowing could be used to accomplish this connection? Load balancer QUESTION NO: 14A technician arrives at a site and is troubleshooting an unfamiliar network. Use a port analyzer to determine network topology QUESTION NO: 17Which of the following tools would an administrator MOST likely use to determine the RJ-45 jack ina cubicle corresponds to a given RJ-45 jack in a patch panel? 5 and 6QUESTION NO: 8Which of the following is a direct advantage of having wireless standards?

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Increased number of protocols can be used QUESTION NO: 9Which of the following is a best practice when implementing a basic wireless network? Any Time." - Which of the following is the maximum distance that CAT5 cable can run before experiencing dbloss? Media converter QUESTION NO: 40A computer is unable to access the corporate web server, which has an IP address of172.30.0.100 and MAC address of 00-15-5d-22-43-8f. Basedon the output below, which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this problem? Afterconsolidating the officer's networks, they have run out of IP addresses.

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