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As long as you are within Wi-Fi range, you can mount Arlo anywhere you’d like.Arlo does not specify the number of IR LEDs but lists them as 850 nanometers—referring to the wavelength measurement—is pretty standard for night vision IR lenses.The Clever Loop system also offers geo-fencing so your cameras will automatically engage or disengage by reading your smartphone GPS as you’re coming and going.Arlo stands out as the only completely wireless outdoor security camera on our list.Basically, that means it knows the difference between an intruder breaking into your home and your cat jumping up on the couch, so you won’t be bombarded you with unnecessary notifications.

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Most modern security cameras have some form of night vision, but understanding what makes a good night vision security camera can help you avoid the grainy, green footage we see all over You Tube.On the plus side, the camera connects through an ethernet cable that also provides power, so you only need to string one cable and are not limited by outlet proximity.If you’re ok with a little extra installation, the Foscam FI9901EP is the best choice for outdoor, after-dark surveillance.In terms of pure picture quality for both day and nighttime footage, the Yi Home Camera 2 tops our list with full 1080p HD resolution stretching up to 30 feet in the darkness.

The Yi Home Camera 2 boasts 11 IR LEDs—also a best on this list for indoor cameras—to capture and reconstruct images in the dark.

What I like about Yi is that it’s essentially a more affordable version of the Nest Cam and allows for local storage using a micro SD card.