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Charlie can't help herself as she seduces and is seduced by everyone in the neighborhood as well as her coworkers, and discovers that many of her new conquests are as kinky in their own way as she is.Neighborhood Nympho by Jethro Jodhpur Chapter 1 Yes, I knew what I was getting when I married Charlie.” “Somebody call the cops, because its got to be illegal to look that good! ” “Excuse me, i think you have something in your eye. ” “Would you grab my arm so i can tell my friends i’ve been touched by an angel! ” “There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you! Every morning Charlie would don her skimpiest bikini and pad out to the pool for some sun and to wait for somebody to invite her to their room or place.

That got me to thinking and after making a number of phone calls, I managed to arrange the first couples day involving Charlie and a few of my old buddies and ex-girlfriends who now were happily, or in some cases, not so happily married.I started scrambling to come up with a lot more trustworthy individuals who wouldn't mind taking care of Charlie's itch on the weekends.My goal was to be able to set her up for at least one gangbang over the weekend, although two or even three might be a better fit for her considerable appetite when it came to cock.My nympho wife took to bondage like a duck to water.

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She claimed that being tied tightly freed her from any guilt feelings and made the hard cocks, strap-ons, fists and fast tongues that probed her even more pleasurable.

” “People call me Jake, but you can call me tonight! He says ‘I will stop loving you when all the roses die!

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