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The lights and equipment in the SUV begin to FLICKER around them. The champagne bottle starts to RATTLE noisily now as it shakes more violently. Champagne goes spewing everywhere -- over equipment, over Jane.

DARCY I don't think there's anything wrong with your equipment... They watch it curiously, pressure building up inside it, when the cork EXPLODES out of it.

They exchange puzzled looks, as we move up through the last glowing remnants of the storm, and into: 13 EXT.

He stares at it determinedly, concentrating, trying to stop the strange event through the force of his sheer will. Finally, the occurrence subsides, his hand normal once more.

We follow from behind and see at the other end, massively shadowed on one of the great banners, the shape of two great horns.

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Up ahead, spiraling down from out of the clouds comes -- AN ENORMOUS TORNADO Suffuse with the strange rainbow light, ROARING like a thousand freight trains as it touches down.

Directly in their path, stumbling through the winds. BIFROST LANDING SITE (EARTH) 10 The side of the SUV slams into the man with a THUD, sending him flying. They peer through the dust clouds, unable to see through. Darcy heads back inside the SUV as Jane, concerned, kneels next to the man. She gently turns his head to the light, and we see him clearly for the first time. Suddenly, he GROANS, and she's startled, then relieved, as his eyes flutter open. The connection is broken as Darcy returns with the kit.