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05-Jul-2017 06:28

These make up 16 per cent of all mixed-race couples.Two in five of all inter-ethnic relationships include someone who is white British, the new data from the 2011 census shows.Until the news came out that he’d reportedly proposed to his singer girlfriend. I had my first taste of this racism – because that’s what it is, no matter how subtly or politely it’s disclosed – when I was 18. It was delivered in a jokey way and we laughed it off, but there was always that sense that being with someone of the same race was the "right" thing to do. Seven years on and I still have problems with my current boyfriend, a white New Zealander.

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One jokingly refers to her boyfriend as her "vanilla secret" as her extended family in India have no idea he exists.People have stopped noticing them in cities, in a way that probably isn’t quite the case in some European countries.“In Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, as well as London, it’s not something you’d notice any more because it’s so commonplace.”Omar Khan, acting director of the Runnymede Trust, said: “This is good news but I also wouldn’t want to say that it shows the social significance of race has disappeared completely.