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So when William suggested other people doing more I said I wasn't averse to it, so long as a) I thought the creative teams were up to scratch, and b) my own story and characters would be left alone.Which means no sequel, no more Stan, Cindy, Thomas or Kitrick (or Horsecock, Face or Stump, come to that)- just fresh stories set in the same world. I think you'll see right from his first episode that he knows exactly what he's doing with the Crossed.The Crossed themselves show considerable variation, as they are still self-aware individuals – albeit turned into homicidal maniacs.One of the most visible examples is the actual level of insanity demonstrated.

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Carriers of the virus are generally known as the "Crossed" due to a large, cross-like rash that appears on their faces – other names include "cross-faces" and "plus-faces".On rare occasions, pregnant women who have been infected and turned survive long enough to give birth, but their babies are born infected as well – apparently the placental barrier provides no protection against the infection (though it is possible that it does, but unsanitary birth conditions infect them during delivery itself, like neonatal conjunctivitis).

Amazingly though, a few months later, we were (and are) back together and engaged.… continue reading »

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Get in touch with our Association and we will make sure they are transferred to the museum or contact [email protected] the presentation of an Honorary Degree of Technology at Anglia Ruskin University on Wednesday 7th October, Princess Elettra Marconi Giovanelli, the daughter of our founder Guglielmo Marconi, accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law Prince Guglielmo and Princess Victoria Marconi Giovanelli with hosts Chairman Peter Turrall and his wife Jean toured various establishments in the Chelmsford area which had some connection in the past to Marconi’s.… continue reading »

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Nagy, Etc 9780961345501 0961345500 The Talbott method - a step-by-step approach to improved handicapping, John Talbott 9789976101874 9976101872 Tanzania into the 21st Century, Kahama, Cg 9780944599129 0944599125 Walt Disney's Donald and Gladstone Album, Carl Carks 9780867770506 0867770503 Presenting Australia, Dalys Conlon, Bill Andrews ...… continue reading »

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