Online dating first message empty profile pics

30-Jun-2017 18:43

I feel like I’m doing them a service to let them know that they should probably look at more than a girl’s profile pics when they’re trying to get a date.

Sure, okc has a million inane questions, but some of them actually matter.

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And then a week later, I get this: Different account name, profile even sparser (no link to his tumblr anymore). I’m not even disguising his username because frankly anyone who calls a girl a “whore” in a message does not deserve that consideration. Thus far he has left it at that taunting, passive-agressive smiley emoticon.

Guys who say they’re going to buy you a Porsche and a million dollar house in Concord STILL don’t deserve anal sex on the first date, surprise or no surprise. Better yet, remind him: Anal sex still doesn’t hide your small dick.