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In a message to Steve Hartzell's online "Seneca Hartzell Guestbook", Annemarie (Hirzel) Fariña wrote: "This village has absolutely nothing to do with the origin of the Hirzel family.

At the beginning of the 14th century the name of the village was still "Hirsol", a word that is related to "Hirse" which is the name of the crop "millet".

Jim Hartsell has scanned and made available on his web site a copy of this 1816 Letter .

Glenn, our fourth cousin, also sent an eight page document, "Hartzell Ancestral Line" (author and date unknown) which recounted several branches of the descendants of the immigrant Johann George Hirtzel. He had also provided a copy to Charles Price, who cited it in material he sent to Paul Middleton in 1980.

He died before 1634 in Balm, Pfäffikon Parish, Zürich, Switzerland. Madalen was born in Fehraltorf, Zürich, Switzerland, the daughter of Hans and Madalen (Bosshart) Keller, and died in Balm.

She went on to write: "According to this encyclopedia, all the Hirzels have their origin in Pfäffikon, Canton Zürich.

He traced the family from Switzerland to Reihen, Baden, The Palatinate, and identified those who emigrated to America, including our Hans Georg.

The research in Switzerland was carried out for him by genealogist J.

In 1378 the name was changed in to "Hirtzlen" to become much later the modern "Hirzel" village.

In this same 14th century your and my family name was spelled "Hürzel" or "Hürtzel".

In October, 1997 another Hartzell researcher, Dave Leebrick, was found on the Internet and contacted by e-mail.