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24-Nov-2017 12:28

“I have been lucky that I’ve always had another pet at home to help me through the sadness – and they do feel the loss of their friend, too,” says Carol, who knows what to do when your dog dies.

“And I have gone on to get other pets to fill the void.

However, that’s just me.” Losing a dog is an incredibly painful experience because of the unconditional love, support, and acceptance he or she gave you.

This loss cuts to your core, and needs to be grieved. “The most important thing is, don’t be afraid to cry, to grief, to miss your pets,” says Sherry.

“I almost immediately went online searching for dachshund rescue sites to see what dogs were available.

I had no intention of replacing Joplin immediately but just found comfort in doing this. Naturally, it’s a very individual thing and people respond differently.

In most cases, I had to make the decision to euthanize the pet and I also find that to be both a uniquely challenging and, sometimes, uplifting aspect of the experience.

You got to be there for the pet and give the ultimate gift of a peaceful and pain-free end.

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When we completed the circle, I released the balloon and said that it not only carried our wishes Heavenward to Katie, it would grant those same wishes to every pet who had ever been loved and lost by anyone in the group.” A Dog Memorial Inspirational Photo Frame like the one pictured is a wonderful way to honor your dog after death.

“Many people advocate getting a new pet to replace the emptiness, while others say to wait,” says Sherry on Help Surviving the Loss of Your Pet.