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The third victim, 56-year-old Cheryl Baker, also of Ogden, was identified on June 30 through dental records."Notifications have been made and that's very, very important for those families of course," said Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue."They have their own process they have to go through now.It was behind the eye, up against the brain, attached to the muscles,' he said.

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Collectively, we are praying that the truth will be revealed and we will be able to begin the road to healing.

A major part of the challenge in locating Bullinger, Donahue explained, is the head start he had on authorities.

The bodies had enough time for decomposition to set in before they were found, and Donahue noted that Bullinger's car wasn't found for about three weeks after that.

Lymphangiomas found on the neck can be identified before a patient is born, though this happens in less than 50 percent of patients.

The tumors vary in size, but they can grow rapidly.At Tuesday's news conference, Donahue said whether all of the victims knew each other is speculative at this point, and that "a very wide net" is being cast in the investigation.