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In the beginning of June 2016, media announced cast (and production) changes expected for Episode 103, with nine members leaving - Zhang, Rasch and Okyere, (on the show from Episode 1), Lindemann (joined on Episode 5) and Krompiec, Gorito, Johnsen, Rashad El Baz and Varsakopoulos (joined on Episode 53).After the new cast were introduced on Episode 103, subsequent episodes no longer previewed starring cast members.On June 20, 2015, Director Kim Hee-Jung announced that six members of the cast, Belyakov, Quintart, Shakya, Deiana, Williams and Terada, would be leaving.She said the change was in order to introduce new cultures and for viewers to hear the reactions of other countries; with new members to be announced on July 6.Donations were given to the Beautiful Store, whose chairman Myunghee Hong visited the set on January 11, 2015, for a ceremony with cast.

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This enabled Korean audiences to have the chance to think more of Korea itself.

However, viewers can at least think of both sides of opinions." KOCCA credits the show for not just including "white people from advanced countries" that Koreans are already familiar with, but also inviting guests from diverse countries with varied cultures.

In October, said the show debates on a wide range of current affairs, with topics that are "sympathetic issues for most people," and the non-Korean panelists, in their adopted home from four to fifteen years, give opinions on things Korean, with answers so stereotypically "Korean," that it makes viewers laugh.

Takuya Terada addressed the sensitive topic of the Asian countries, that come up in the debates, "Japan, Korea, and China are all close to each other, but if you look at their history, they’re really far apart.

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Since the histories are all different, it can only be a delicate topic, but through this program, I’m glad we can talk about it and take the time to understand each other.” Visiting "intern" representatives, made up of male foreign students and workers in South Korea, were added to the cast, and filled in for vacationing, or otherwise missing, representatives on Episodes 11, 12, 13, and 17.

Hailing from Australia, France, Ghana, the United States and other countries, foreign stars are breaking down barriers in Korean TV...