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* Trish's Styling Clinic I woke up as usual to a warm fuck from my lover and fiancée, Trish.She was all over me as we quietly kissed and recounted the events of the night before.I followed and after brushing my teeth, stepped into the shower for a quick rinse.As I was turning the water off, Tracy was bringing us two hot mugs of java. ' she asked, 'I want to suck you again today' She set the mugs down on our vanities and turned to her mom.Being able to enjoy sex with Tracy and Teri has helped in many ways to build more love between us and to remove a lot of other barriers that exist in most families today.We can talk about absolutely anything, with no shame, no fear, and no guilt.

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We heard some noises in the kitchen and assumed it to be Tammi and or Tracy.Tammi sighed at Trish's touch and nearly collapsed on the floor, but Trish stopped and stood up again, giving Tammi a quick kiss on her mouth.Then Tammi looked over at Tracy as if to say 'Your mom just kissed my I supposed to do?She had on her yellow bikini and Joe was in his boxers.

We watched as they strolled over to the spa and turned on the jets.' Tracy just grinned and asked Tammi to bring her some more juice too.