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30-Jul-2017 20:30

Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, and Chin-Siu Ho not only carry this film by showcasing their martial arts, but they also put up enjoyable acting performances as well.

Cheung-Yan Yuen joins the fun by providing most of the comic relief.

Hong Kong star Jet Li portrays the inventor of T'ai Chi in this entertaining if not historically accurate martial-arts movie.

Junbao (Li) and Tienbao (Chin Siu-Ho) are a pair of young monks studying kung fu in a Shaolin temple.

He is said to have been a government official in his youth, learned Shaolin martial arts while living in the Pao-Gi Mountains near Three Peaks (San Feng), and then lived for scores of years as a Taoist priest, healer, and sage at the Wudang Mountain Taoist Temples (Wutang, Wu Tang Shan). The bird in his turn circled and used his wings beat the snake aside when he struck. That night, as the Master slept, Yu Huang, the 'Glorious Jade Emperor', visited Chang in his dreams and instructed him, teaching him the secrets of the Tao that the bird and the snake innately knew.

He is reported to have lived to be 200 years old (1247-1447 CE), but his death date is uncertain. The next day, Chang sprang up from his sleep wide awake and inspired by his Celestial Visitor, and immediately set about the creation of a new Martial Art form that relied upon Internal Power, or Chi, at its root.

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By 1459, Master Chang had been declared an Immortal and, as with most saints, stories of his miraculous powers became part of the folklore in the Wudang Mountain area. He had obtained the state where his Chi had been transformed into Shen or Spirit." - Bjrn Darboe Nissen, Tai Chi Chuan and the Human Being "Some have raised the question of Chang San Feng's existence as there is much legendary material about him.

Tienbao betrays Junbao; Junbao loses his memory in the resulting fight.

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