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31-Jul-2017 13:28

The main objective of this study was to analyse whether there are significant differences in kinematic records between two inertial sensors (one positioned on the trunk and another placed in the lumbar region) during an SLS test.In addition, a second objective of the study was to analyse the reliability (intra-observer/inter-observer reliability) and sensitivity of inertial sensors used for the SLS test and to specify parameters for the SLS test when it is conducted using inertial sensors in stroke patients.

Inter-observer reliability of the lumbar sensor ranged from 0.870-0.940 for the displacement and 0.863-0.884 for velocity.We hypothesised that there would be significant differences between kinematic data from the two different sensor locations (trunk and lumbar region) during the SLS test.Moreover, inertial sensors would prove to be a reliable tool when used for the kinematic analysis of postural control in stroke patients.Because various procedures are used to carry out the OLS test, the measured values for the OLS time varied widely from study to study.

Some observational studies showed that the OLS time is related to negative events such as falls, declines in activity of daily living, and other morbidity.

These features have favoured its used in basic and clinical research.

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